Tiger Agency – We can make professional sound also for your event…

No significant cultural, social or sports event can not do without a good sound system. Today we know that the size and number of loudspeakers are not critical to the quality and performance of sound system. The prime factor in the high-tech and last but not least, the professional service, without which quality is not foolproof technique used. We are pleased that we can offer to you high technology and professional sound engineers with years of experiences also at your event.

Smaller, medium and large events deserve quality sound, both towards to the viewers and visitors, as well as towards the podium to the artist. Equipment at their disposal, offering a wide range souding for all kinds of events.

In order to make perfect sound for your event, we must know some important information first:

  • How big is the area you want to unmute?
  • For how many people it is intended sound?
  • What is the cast exiting bands and what are their requirements?

Using advance information we can choose the optimal soundsystem, its location and use of appropriate accessories. Quality branded equipment is matter of course for us, we are using the technique of following manufacturers:RCF, MACKIE, DENON DJ, KONIG & MEYER, PROEL, SHURE, AKG, SENNHEISER, NUMARK, BAYERDINAMIC, YAMAHA, NEUTRIK… Sound system is still renovate and re-buy the latest models because the demands on technical parameters are continually increasing.