Tiger Agency – Full service for your event…

Tiger Agency is full service agency that are engaged in music production as (DJ), professional lighting and sound. We also provide complete actions, events and congresses. We are operating throughout Slovakia and also abroad. One of our great advantages against competitors is the fact that we have our own sound, light and conference equipment.

Why the name Tiger Agency? Tiger symbolizes for us – one of the most beautiful animal of this planet, which took us by his power, beauty, intelligence… These are precisely the upon our agency.

DJ -ing, music production, therefore, been focused on since 1996. Over the years we played a great number of events, whether they were weddings, graduations, corporate events, birthday parties and of course several years of regular hosting more disco-club. In this area, we still have a faithful clientele that regularly working with us for several years.

Over time, we redesignet the new clients, our services have begun to use by hotels, businesses, agencies, tourism centers, artists, music groups and many more… We began to organize the first full service events and we still have improved both in the tehnical field, as well as comunication with the client. Of course we started to address also the congress and symposia so that we started to provide technical and after some time, when we are ready for it, also organize it.

Today we can offer to you complete full service for your event, whether it is a small celebration party or representative party. To you event we will deliver qualified DJ, provide professional sound and lighting, or arrange a cultural program according to you wishes and possibilities. Our clientele is stable and we are just happy to be constantly expanding the new customers.

We firmly believe that you too will become our next satisfied clients so keep in mind:

“Whole Slovakia is full of the cheapest ones, but we will offer professionalism, image and quality"

Igor Koller – Tiger Agency